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Flagle Unlimited is a quiz game for those who are ready to test their knowledge of geography or to acquire or improve it. Guess the country by the flag, use the hints and relax. Bright images of state symbols are a real work of art. Get points for winning and compete with your friends.

How to play Flagle Unlimited

This intellectual game is aimed at improving knowledge of geography and repetition. Guess the country by opening the elements of the flag. A picture with six elements is provided on the screen. Each attempt corresponds to one segment, which opens after the option proposed by the player.

Thus, the participant has 6 attempts to solve the riddled state.

In addition to the image of the flag, the player has another clue. Next to the country he chose, a number corresponding to the distance from the chosen country will appear.

If you didn't guess the riddle, the flag will open completely, and the name of the country that was guessed will appear on the screen. The number of games per day is unlimited in Flagle Unlimited, the player can play endlessly and improve his knowledge.

The Results

The participant can track his success in the statistics section. Here is the winning percentage in relation to the number of games played, as well as the average number of attempts used for guessing.

This rating allows you to organize competitions with friends and demonstrate your knowledge and erudition.

A geographic quiz will be a great way to relax for those who love intellectual entertainment and are ready to spend time with benefit. Study flags and guess countries from around the world.

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